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International Academic Mobility is a process which enables UFOP students to study for a few months in a higher education institution abroad. Likewise, it enables foreign students to come and study in Ouro Preto, Mariana, and João Monlevade.

Academic mobility is part of the internationalization process of Brazilian Universities and it already is a consolidated reality throughout the world. It is a unique opportunity in which both undergraduate and graduate students can study in one of the various Universities in the world with which UFOP has international cooperation agreements.

After signing an academic cooperation agreement, UFOP and a foreign institution set the partnership conditions and the welcoming of the students by both Universities. The agreement establishes the student’s length of stay in the partner institution, the exemption or the payment conditions of tuition fees, the usage of dorms, and awarding of scholarships.

There are different types of international academic mobility, which will be better explained in Mobility Guide (Guia de Mobilidade). The most important in the moment is to know well UFOP’s procedural and statutory rules concerning the mobility program as well as the preparation for this experience. That is why we developed the Mobility Guide.