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The diffusion of information has reached speeds and territorial extensions unimaginable a few decades ago, which, on the one hand, has the power to, in a short time, bring together the fascinating diversity of peoples and cultures, to expose their political and social realities and, in theory, reducing the estrangement from the new and the distance between the production of knowledge and its appropriation by any global citizen, at the same time creates a vital demand for the training of people capable of performing their professional, academic and personal roles in solving problems and coping with them. of the challenges of the contemporary world at both regional and global levels.

Aware of its strategic mission in this context, the Federal University of Ouro Preto has gradually and in a more organized and transversal way, in the last decade, incorporated themes of internationalization and interculturality into the debate and academic practices. Thus, institutional policies have been designed with a view to seeking the sustainable development of actions that may increase the production, dissemination and access to scientific, technological, social, cultural, heritage and environmental knowledge, contributing to the training of competent professionals in global scenario and the humanist, critical, reflective and ethical subject, and for a more democratic and integrated society, respecting plurilingualism and interculturalism.

The Internationalization Plan presents actions in progress and in implementation designed to achieve internationalization goals at UFOP related to major objectives or axes. Such actions respect the history of the theoretical-practical construction of its identity in the context of the internationalization process, remaining compatible with the relevant section of the Institutional Development Plan (PDI 2016-2025).