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The last edition of Study of the US Institutes (SUSI) for Student Leaders took place in July, 2019. The program, offered by the US Department of State (US) and the Public Relations Division of the US Embassy in Brazil, aims to discuss topics concerning technological advances and artificial intelligence, as well as education, society and economics.

The main topics covered in the course were communication, globalization, urbanization, innovation and organizational development, and personal skills. The institute also encourages participants to engage in educational, industrial and political leadership programs.

The student's participation happened due to an invitation from the US Embassy Office in Belo Horizonte to nominate a student to participate in the program.

Sofia Fuscaldi Cerezo was selected through an internal university call and competed with participants from several universities in Brazil.

The journalism student spent a month in the United States with 18 other undergraduate students from five different countries (Brazil, India, Indonesia, Nigeria and Tunisia), among them, three were brazilians.

Mapa de Convênios

A UFOP, através da DRI, possui convênios com diversas instituições ao redor do mundo, muitas das quais oferecem oportunidades de parcerias e mobilidades acadêmicas.


Victor Henrique Lana Pinto

Curso: Economia
Universidade de Origem: Hochschule Reutlingen - Alemanha