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On July 13th, UFOP began to offer extension courses that are part of the International Virtual Mobility Program "Destination: Brazil," promoted by the National Association of Directors of Federal Brazilian Higher Education Institutions (ANDIFES) <https://www.destinobrasil-andifes.org>. For six weeks, participants from Brazilian and foreign institutions will have synchronous and asynchronous activities taught by UFOP faculty with the support of the UFOP Aberta Platform <https://aberta.ufop.br>.

The first course, Brazilian Food "tasted" by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, taught by Professor Marcus Vinícius Cangussu Cardoso from the Chemistry Department (DEQUI/UFOP), started on July 13th. The objective is to study the composition of foods using magnetic resonance. With 39 registrations from 8 countries (Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, and Ukraine) and 20 different institutions, the classes are held in English.

On July 21st, Professor João Fortunato Soares de Quadros Júnior, from the Department of Music (DEMUS/UFOP), introduced the Música Brasileña course, taught in Spanish. The course received 35 registrations from 8 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Uruguay) and from 16 different institutions. In the classes, the students will get to know the musical genres that are part of Brazilian culture, especially those that compose the culture of Minas Gerais State.

The International Virtual Mobility Program "Destination: Brazil" is an ANDIFES initiative, through the College of Managers of International Relations of the Federal Brazilian HEIs (CGRIFES), aiming to offer courses in foreign languages and promote Brazilian Federal Education abroad, besides disseminating aspects of Brazilian culture internationally.

UFOP holds the Program through a partnership between the International Relations Office (DRI/UFOP) and the Vice-Rectory for Culture and Extension (PROEX/UFOP).  This partnership aims to expand the intercultural dialogue and the institutions' visibility, as well as, to encourage the internationalization of extension. By UFOP's participation in the Program, the whole university community had the opportunity to access the 103 courses offered by 42 Brazilian Institutions of Higher Education between July and August. The complete catalog of the "Destination: Brazil" Program is available on the Program's website and on DRI’s webpage.

Mapa de Convênios

A UFOP, através da DRI, possui convênios com diversas instituições ao redor do mundo, muitas das quais oferecem oportunidades de parcerias e mobilidades acadêmicas.


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Universidade de Destino: University of New Mexico - Estados Unidos