Portal do Governo Brasileiro

Between July and August 2021, Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP) offered two extension courses through the International Virtual Mobility Program “Destination: Brazil”, of the National Association of Directors of Federal Institutions of Higher Education (ANDIFES).

The courses offered by Prof. Marcus Vinícius Cangussu Cardoso (Brazilian Food “tasted” by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) and by Prof. João Fortunato Soares de Quadros Júnior (Música Brasileña) aimed to disseminate aspects of Brazilian culture internationally and encourage the internationalization of the University. Lasting six weeks, the courses had participants from Brazilian and foreign institutions in synchronous and asynchronous activities taught with the support of the UFOP Aberta platform.

Considering the positive evaluation of the courses and the academic community engagement, UFOP will promote a new offer of the courses Música Brasileña (in Spanish) and Food "tasted" by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (in English), from November 4th and 5th, 2021, respectively. In addition to the UFOP community, the courses will receive participants from external institutions, national and international, in order to expand the scope of the courses and promote intercultural dialogue.

Applications will be received exclusively by electronic form, from September 29th to October 20th, 2021. For more information about the courses, participation requirements and access to the application link, check the detailed information available here.

Mapa de Convênios

A UFOP, através da DRI, possui convênios com diversas instituições ao redor do mundo, muitas das quais oferecem oportunidades de parcerias e mobilidades acadêmicas.


Victor Henrique Lana Pinto

Curso: Economia
Universidade de Origem: Hochschule Reutlingen - Alemanha