Portal do Governo Brasileiro
On August 22, the Welcome/DRI Project scholarship holder team carried out a Cooking Workshop with UFOP foreign students, which is part of the Project Cultural Calendar. The event’s goal was to introduce and teach the preparation of traditional recipes from Ouro Preto, taken from the “Memória Culinária de Ouro Preto” (Cuisine Memory of Ouro Preto) book. The students prepared the "Pão de Queijo na Forminha”, “Broa de Laranja”, and “Sonho de Goiabada” recipes. After cooking, there was a coffee break when everyone appreciated the Workshop results.
The activity was carried out in partnership with the Professors Maria Tereza de Freitas and Simone de Fátima Viana da Cunha, from the School of Nutrition, who guided it at the UFOP Laboratory of Dietetic Technique. The Professors are the editors of the book used in the Workshop, published by UFOP publishing house in 2015, and which gathers typical dishes created by families from Ouro Preto. The work "is a result of Cuisine Memory of Ouro Preto partial recovery project, which is part of the city Material and Immaterial Heritage Preservation Program, developed under UFOP Dean of Extension Office". The book is available to download from the UFOP archive, through the Link.
The participants of the activity were 8 foreign students from different countries (Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Austria, Argentina and Colombia), from the PEC-G, FARA-TETFund, IAESTE, PAEC OEA/GCUB programs and the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program.