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The book entitled "Health, Cognitive and Functional Decline: Work and Aging in Check written by Medicine Professor Fausto Pimenta, discusses the factors that influence the life of the individual so that one arrives in the old age with good physical and mental health.

This work is the result of two successful experiences of the author, being the first one in the Reference Center for Attention to the Elderly, in Hospital das Clínicas of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), in Belo Horizonte, and the second in Workers’ Health at UFOP, in Ouro Preto, and it aims to raise real problems, to put reality as it is and, at the same time, to present possible solutions.

The central idea was the detection of problems related to aging. "Aging in Brazil is very troubled," says the professor, remembering that because our country is still "poor, aging with many health problems requires care that demands skilled human resources and also financial resources."

With these two projects, Fausto Pimenta seeks the approximation of private entities with public universities. He points out that "we have always worked with a very large cost containment in our universities," which has led researchers to seek partnerships to achieve a better service to the population.  Regarding this, he states that, “the main focus is the less privileged population that depends on SUS (Public Health System), but in the end, the project contributes to the entire society, regardless of social class."

HISTORY - The project has been carried out for 15 years, eight of which have been at UFOP. "Here, the project is in full swing, associated with the adult health in general," said Pimenta, highlighting some good results obtained during the process. According to him, there have been "more than 30 undergraduate students, plus some graduate and more than ten dissertations and theses related to the subject."

He also said that the proposal is aimed to intensify the actions of laboratories and the permanency of researchers and teachers. "These are projects built not for me, not for our fellow partners, but for the institution, so that it lasts," clarifies the teacher.

The motivation for the book, according to Fausto Pimenta, comes from his specialization in Geriatrics. By working with elderly and very sick people, he realized that many infirmities in the present life of these patients could be avoided or postponed, thus avoiding "decades of incapacity and suffering", from a correct approach “during the productive life of this population".

For Fausto Pimenta, "the ideal would be to start clinical approaches from childhood, with the pregnant woman, but due to this limitation of being able to reach the entire population, we now focus on specific areas of work such as geriatrics, "He added, that his desire is" to spread this concern of prevention so that when a person reaches an advanced age, it will arrive there a little better."


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