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Promoting the encounter between music and poetry in a harmonious way, in addition to publicizing the work done by former students of UFOP. This is the idea that gives the tone of Trejeitos and Poesias, an event that will happen next Monday (11). 
On the occasion, books of contemporary poetry by the artists Thaiz Cantasini and Du Sarto (under the pseudonym of Luziel Arã) will be launched, besides Trio Trejeitos’s farewell show, which is formed by violinists and singer-songwriters Pedro de Grammont, Luiza Gaião and Victor Fernandes. The production of event is in charge of Truá Produções.
The book "Poetry by the Elbows", by Luziel Arã, is filled with poems-excerpt that permeate life and its encounters. The work is the fourth volume of Own Collection, published by Cérbero Editions, and illustrated by Poliana Guimarães.
"Feitiço do Sol", by Thaiz Cantasini, is the fifth volume of the same collection, also illustrated by Poliana Guimarães. The copy itself has a mixture of the acidity of the word that resists with the necessary utopia to face the blows (intimate and public blows) in its contemporaneity.
In its presentation, Trio Trejeitos brings arrangements of authorial compositions, seeking to provide new experiences to the public. The show is part of the band’s farewell tour, which on the 14th will be on tour in Latin America to promote the CD The Crossing. The journey will last five months and will be done on board of a van.
Heleno's Bar & Choro Office (the former ASSUFOP’s bar) will host the event. At the time, there will also be the sale of the books and the spectators will also be able to contribute with the cover of the show. There is also a collective funding project to help with travel expenses for the musicians.
TREJEITOS - Participants of a generation of Minas Gerais’s music that has been distinguished by the power and irreverence in research and experimentation, with three guitars and three voices on stage, the group produces songs with an intimate atmosphere that, introduced on the basis of simplicity, are developing in a more complex and elaborate way.

Source: http://ufop.br/noticias/extensao-e-cultura/artistas-formados-pela-ufop-publicam-livro-de-poesia-e-fazem-show-de

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Bernardo Pedro Matsimbe

Curso: Educação Física
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