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Former student of Performing Arts course (Bachelor of Theater Direction) of UFOP, Carlos Alberto Ferreira da Silva, will stage the show "Blind City" in Paris (France), starting next Tuesday (21). In addition to the presentation, Carlos will exhibit the documentary "Excursion through a Blind City", in which he approaches his trajectory in the Theater Department of UFOP and in the Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional (APAE) in Ouro Preto.

“Blind City" proposes the conduction of the public through blind actors, in order to enable a re-signification of the urban space through blindness and sensory stimulation, as well as to present discussions that arise from the social scope. The staging is composed of three moments: the Prologue, the Meeting and the Manifest, being done collectively among actors, audience and director. "Blind City" is an authorial staging of the author, with the participation of the theater group NOZ CEGO. There will also be the participation of Karine Weider and Milena Flick, actress-performer.

Watch a bit of "Blind City" on Youtube.

For more information, visit "Blind City" page on Facebook or on the blog.

Performing Arts - Performing Arts course of UFOP, implemented in 1998, has three lines of training: Interpretation; Bachelor's Degree in Theater Direction and Degree in Performing Arts. Carlos is qualified for all the three lines.

Source: ufop.br


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