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The exhibition "SynaísThesis - Natureza Interactiva" is part of the practical research of PhD in Multimedia, Contemporary Art and Performative Arts of the National Academy of Fine Arts, Lisbon. As part of the project, Professor Bruna Christófaro, from the Department of Performing Arts (DEART) of UFOP, will present the interactive work "Arco Íris", made from the short story "O ex magico da taberta minhota" by Murilo Rubião.
Supervised by Professor Mônica dos Santos Mendes, from the National Academy of Fine Arts, and with the support of programmer Pedro Ângelo, Bruna Christófaro researches the relation of technologies and the creation of scenic environments, with interactivity resources. "It is an installation in space that contains in itself the need for body-work interaction, which reminds the user that the world is also made of light and magic, with its ethereal nature dialoguing antagonistically with the bureaucracy and the boredom of daily life. It contains in itself exactly the meaning of the rainbow: the bridge between earth and sky, between what is real and what is dream, between the physical and the imaginary, "says the Professor about the exhibition.
The inauguration will be on Thursday (7) in Lisbon, and will feature immersive environments proposed by Adriana Moreno, Anderson Paiva and Bruna Christófaro, exploring sensations and memories from various scales of nature. Through the senses and metaphors, these installations question the relationship between art and digital technologies and nature as a raw material.
Source: ufop.br

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