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Traveling the world by taking his work with just a deck of cards. To that end, Ewerton Martins, former student of UFOP's Performing Arts, presents El Diablo Of The Cards. The show created by the artist was recently presented at four theatrical festivals abroad.

Born in Caruaru (PE), he also lived in São José dos Campos (SP), where he participated of theater and acting groups. At UFOP, he helped to develop and participated in several projects related to the study of the circus and the clown - his area of dedication at the University - among them, El Diablo of The Cards.
HIGHLIGHT - Ewerton is also the only Brazilian artist to be awarded with the "Best Solo Show Award-2017" at the Storefront Fringe Festival and with the "Audience Choice Award-2017" at Hamilton Fringe Festival, both held in Canada.
About the presentation, which aims to recreate a magic show in 60 minutes with the least possible resources, Ewerton says he believes that there are three essential elements in the composition: play, pleasure and complicity. "If the artist knows how to work with these elements, he will open the doors of imaginary worlds in the public's mind and communicate what he wants," he says.

Without using more elaborate tools of lighting and sound, the show values simplicity as a way of approaching the public: on stage, only the artist in the role of a magic clown, who enchants viewers by manipulating the deck of cards to recreate tricks of illusionism. 
INVITATION - In 2016, El Diablo Of The Cards was selected to attend the Hamilton Fringe Festival in Canada, where it was awarded with the Spirit Of The Fringe Award-2016. The awards, combined with the positive reviews received at the time, earned the show an invitation to return to the festival this year and also to attend three other events: London Clown Festival in England, Paris Fringe Festival in France and "Storefront Fringe Festival" in Canada.
According to the artist, the lack of subsidy and the desire to value the national artistic work led him to pay the travel by himself: "Since I was the only Brazilian selected, I decided to invest my own resources to make the trip possible. Otherwise, Brazil and Minas Gerais would not be represented at these festivals," he says.
Morando em Ouro Preto desde 2007, Ewerton trabalha como professor de Artes para alunos de uma escola estadual da cidade e segue desenvolvendo novos projetos para seu espetáculo, que foi convidado para voltar a França, Inglaterra, Espanha e Canadá em 2018. 
Ewerton has been living in Ouro Preto since 2007. He works as an art teacher for students at a state school in the city and continues to develop new projects for his show. He has been invited to return to France, England, Spain and Canada in 2018.

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